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Celebrating 5 years of Lava Shells…

Shared Beauty Secrets celebrated their 5th anniversary with celebrities at Whisky Mist, Mayfair. I was invited to celebrate with Lava Shells by offering Josie Gibson and Hatty Keane a chance to experience lava shots.. Here’s little taster of Lava Shells #LavaParty

Only the Best!

Calum Best was invited by Shared Beauty Secrets (founders from Lava Shells) to experience a Relax Lava Shell massage by Sandy Henshaw at BodyMatters Clinic. Before his treatment Calum mentioned that he had muscular tension around his upper shoulders and lower back due to excessive training. Calum mentioned that he preferred deep pressure for his massage so I blended some camphor oil into the blend of oils to help relax and encourage a deeper sensation of heat to release tension in the specified areas that needed targeting. I always believe in treating each individual separately as we all have different concerns for our body. Combined with deep pressure and acupressure on the top of the shoulders, I was able release the tension in Calum’s shoulders and eased the stiffness in his lower back. Here’s what Calum had to say about his experience..


“An amazing treatment coupled with an experienced therapist! I loved the heat from the lava shells with the combination of a deep tissue massage. I like very hard pressure when I’m being massaged and this was one of the best treatments I’ve experienced, back soon, thanks!”

Calum Best